Medicines Safety Advice & Letters

Document NameDateFile Description
No.1 Clinical risk when issuing repeat and acute prescriptions Mar 2010
No.2 Learning from adverse events - Heparin Apr 2010 Medicines Safety Alert
No.3 Risks when dispensing medicines into monitored dosage systems (GPs) Jul 2010
No.4 Prescribing & dispensing controlled drugs Aug 2010
No.5 Prescribing & dispensing medicines with a range of strengths & preparations Oct 2010
No.6 Risks when dispensing oral liquid medicines Sep 2010
No.8 Issuing duplicate prescriptions Oct 2010
No.9 Responsibility for prescribing & dispensing specialist medicines Jun 2011
No.10 Risks with buccal midazolam Jun 2012
No.11 Anticholinergic syndrome Oct 2012
No.12 Patient harm following pregabalin overdose Jan 2013
Supplying medicines without a prescription Jan 2011
Prescribing, generating and dispensing repeat medications Mar 2012
Misuse and diversion potential of pregabalin (Lyrica) Nov 2012
Validation Process for registration of Pharmacists Nov 2012
Raising awareness about the newer oral anticoagulant medicines May 2014
Incidents Regarding Security of Prescription Pads Feb 2015
Transdermal Fentanyl Patches Feb 2015 HSCB Medicines Safety Advice Letter to CPs and GPs
Incidents involving newer oral anticoagulant (NOAC) dosing Feb 2015 HSCB Medicines Safety Advice Letter
Issuing Duplicate Prescriptions Sep 2020 Community Pharmacy Letter May 2015
Issuing duplicate prescriptions May 2015
Over the Counter Medicines – Potential for abuse and misuse Jul 2015
Communication between GPs and Community Pharmacies about patient clinical concerns Jul 2015
Fraudulent Attempts to Obtain Medicines for Patients Detained in Prison Jul 2015
Storage & Denaturing of Medicines for Disposal - Community Pharmacists Apr 2016
Cannabis Based Products For Pain Mar 2019 Letter to GPs, PBPs, CPs and Trust Chief Executives
Patient counselling & generic medicines (Community Pharmacy) Jul 2015
Letter to community pharmacists re Further Dispensing Errors involving Beta Blockers Jul 2015 Note Appendix 1 to letter (issued to pharmacies in April 2014)
is not included (restricted issue)
Comm Proforma For Changes Dec 2019
Communication Of Instalment Dispensing Medication Changes Dec 2019 Letter to All GP Practices
Fire Risk With Hedrin 4% Cutaneous Solution Jan 2018 Alert Letter
Community Pharmacist communication with GPs and management of information from secondary care May 2013
Faxing Prescriptions Dec 2012
Medication Requests for Care Homes Jan 2013
Community Pharmacy Robbery Apr 2011
Learning From Serious Adverse Incidents Feb 2017 HSCB Letter to Community Pharmacies
Awareness of pregabalin abuse/misuse in NI - Community Pharmacists Oct 2016
Awareness of pregabalin abuse/misuse in NI - General Pactice Oct 2016
Serious adverse incident: dispensing Paracetamol without Child Resistant Closure Aug 2018 Letter to Community Pharmacists, dispensing Doctors and GP practices
Prescription Ordering Arrangements Sep 2018 Professional letter to CPs and GPs
Learning From Adverse Incidents Configuration Of Drug Interactions Mar 2018 Letter to clinical governance leads, practice managers, all prescribers
Community Pharmacies re Instalment Dispensing Dec 2019 Letter to Community Pharmacies
Hand written amendments to prescriptions Apr 2016
Safer Ambulatory Syringe Drivers May 2014
Reducing dosage errors with opioid medicines - incomplete cross tolerance Mar 2014 HSCB Letter to CPs
Patient Reminder Note For Special Order Medicines Mar 2017 Learning letter
Draft Pharmacy (Preparation And Dispensing Errors - Registered Pharmacies) Order 2018 Jan 2018 Summary Document
Requesting And Dispensing Repeat Medicaltions Aug 2014 Learning Letter
Risk Of Human Error With Robotic Dispensing Systems In Community Pharmacy Apr 2018 Learning Letter
Risks when dispensing medicines into monitored dosage systems (Community Pharmacies) Mar 2010